At a Glance

Aqua Engineering has installed more than 100 projects world wide with over 50 larger scale municipal drinking water, sewage treatment and desalination plants.
The main areas of operation were traditionally Europe, China and the Middle Eastern countries.

Aqua Engineering was first established in 1963 and made in 1981 into a subsidiary of the German based THYSSEN AG, was part of Austrian based BWT Group
and later CHRIST WATER, was taken over by Canadian based GLV and became there a part of OVIVO Water Group.

After a demerger from Ovivo Aqua Austria in early 2015, Aqua Engineering is now back to market under its original brand name
and part of a new Aqua Engineering business.

Time lines of key milestones

1963 Foundation of Aqua Engineering GmbH in Austria
1981 Establishment of Aqua Engineering GmbH as subsidiary of THYSSEN Industrie Holding AG in Salzburg, Austria
1987 Award of 8 nos. SWRO desalination plants from ¼ to 2 MIGD from Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity department
as first major desalination turnkey supply contract
1988 Award of first soft loan financed project China being WWTP Nantong
1995 Award of turnkey supply of 86.400 m3/d municipal drinking water treatment plant at Butoniga, Croatia
1998 Taking over by Austrian BWT AG and moving business to Mondsee, Austria
2004 Award of 360.000 PE central wastewater treatment plant turnkey supply for the Slovenian capital City of Ljubljana.

Integration into CHRIST Water Technology AG

Award of turnkey supply of 3 + 6 MIGD SWRO desalination plants at New Qidfa and Al-Zawrah by Federal Electricity and

Water Authority, UAE

Award of first EU co-funded turn key supply of 130.000 m3/d municipal drinking water plant for Deva, Romania

2007 Award of turnkey supply of 20 MIGD contract for Hamriyah SWRO desalination plant by Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, UAE

Take over of CHRIST Water Technology AG by Canadian listed and Montreal based GLV Corp. Award of turnkey supply of 7 + 3

(relocation from new Qidfa) MIGD SWRO desalination plant at Al-Zawrah by Federal Electricity and Water Authority, UAE

2010 Name change to Ovivo Aqua Austria during rebranding process and creation of OVIVO
2011 Award of a detailed engineering services contract for a 28,9 MIGD SWRO desalination plant at Al-Jubail, Al-Fatah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2012 Merged with Ovivo Austria GmbH into one single entity
2014 Demerged from Ovivo Aqua Austria and re-established as Aqua Engineering GmbH with the business in Tobelbad, Austria
2015 Establishment of Aqua Engineering LLC in the UAE and share purchase of Austrian Aqua Engineering GmbH