At a Glance

​Professional and process oriented operation of a water treatment plant, particularly of membrane based systems being UF and RO solutions, is a must for the plant owner to protect the asset value of plant investment and utilize water production over design plant lifetime.

Likewise  a  well scheduled preventive maintenance regime  and  professional  personnel  to  attend reactive maintenance (machinery break and other incidents that shut down operations) in due time and with fast response to reinstate production with the shortest possible down time of plant is a key for successful commercial utilization of a water plant.

With  our  experienced  technical  staff  we  are  in  position  to  provide  both  plant  operation  and maintenance on a contract base or technical operation and maintenance management and support services.

Aqua  Engineering  has  successfully  operated  different  type  of  plants,  being  the  central  sewage treatment plant for the city of Ljubljana with 360.000 PE, drinking water and a number of SWRO desalination  plants  both  during  trial  operations  as  well  as  under  an  operation  and  maintenance contract with the customer.