At a Glance

Technical Customer Service

Supported  by  experienced  staff,  Aqua  Engineering  of fers  its  customers  a  complete  concept  of process technology starting at the point of basis design all the way to production, start-up, operator training and customer services.

According to demand Aqua Engineering offers customer-orientated service.

Our services in brief

  • Supervision of plant installation
  • Plant commissioning
  • Proof of quality, certificates
  • Preventive and routine maintenance service
  • Break down maintenance service
  • Spare parts and consumable supply
  • Maintenance and operational supervision agreements
  • Calibration agreements for measuring equipment  
  • Staff training  
  • Audits of water treatment systems  
  • Hotline services

The  Aqua  Engineering  team  has successfully  executed an  engineering  services  contract  for  Saudi Arabian Al-Fatah Water & Power for their new 131.500 m3/d seawater RO desalination facility at Jubail  and  provided  expert  services  for  supervision of  works  as  well  as  plant  start-up  and commissioning.